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Case Studies

1. Stress / Traumatic Situations

​ Financial Services:

  • A General Manager (GM) dealt with the uncertainty of the company affected by COVID-19 while acknowledging its fears, enhancing the presence and collaboration of the virtual team to face business transformation.

​ Professional Services:

  • A French GM based in the UK needed to reconnect with the deeper meaning of his role in order to avoid burn-out.

  • A global vice-president (VP) has to cope with the suicide of a team member based on another continent during COVID.

​ IT Services:

  • A European Technical Director (CTO) faced the sudden death of one of his team members and felt guilty for having put pressure on to achieve targets during COVID.

Public Sector:

  • A French director had to balance his need for perfection with an increased workload.

2. Women in Leadership

3. Leadership in Global Context


  • A Polish Managing Director (MD) needed to improve her communication and reputation with the Paris head office.

  • An Italian female GM needed to enhance her assertiveness and leadership style.

Finance Industry:

Automotive Industry:

  • An American EVP developed his political strategy as a member of the board of directors of a French company.

IT Industry:

  • An EMEA MD for a US company needed to strengthen his influential skills across the organisation.

  • A British lawyer working for an American company missed out on a promotion due to a lack of visibility and networking at the head office.


  • CEO appointed by an investment fund needed to have a strong impact within the first 100 days.

Oil Industry:

  • A French GM attached to a UK organisation needed to manage the restructuring and redundancy plan.

Professional Services:

  • A European partner of a US law firm was looking to improve the quality of his leadership presence.

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