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15 Unique Coaching Cases

Born from a collaboration with fellow coaches, our book represents our shared passion and commitment to the art of coaching and supervision. We believe our work paves the way for positive change, much like hummingbirds adding a touch of love to the world.


In this book, readers will find 15 unique coaching cases, each reflecting the complex challenges of our times. It serves as an insightful guide for current and aspiring coaches, supervisors, and those curious about the world of coaching.


Through these pages, I offer a glimpse into our beliefs, values, experiences, and the lessons we've learned along the way.

Diving deeper into the themes explored in our book, my podcast episode focuses specifically on ‘Les multiples facettes du traumatisme’ – the many facets of trauma. It's an enriching discussion shedding light on the intricacies of trauma and its impact. Contact us if you would like to request my chapter translated in English.

The Complexities of Trauma in the Corporate World

In this article, I take you through an insightful exploration of trauma in the workplace. This piece offers a detailed look at how traumatogenic events, both 'shock trauma' and 'developmental trauma', uniquely impact individuals in corporate environments.

I share practical tips on recognizing symptoms of trauma and guiding those affected towards recovery and resilience. The article discusses the subtle yet crucial differences between stress and trauma, highlighting how their impacts and healing processes differ.

How to differentiate stress from trauma[50508]  -  Lecture seule.png

By presenting real case studies, the article brings to light the challenges and breakthroughs in dealing with workplace trauma. It's a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to understand the profound effects of trauma in professional settings and how to navigate these complex waters effectively. Read the entire article.

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