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What my clients say


 I think Anne had me sassed as from our first encounter. Whether through choice of words or via questions and queries, she shed light on sensitive issues as well as on the way I am and do things. Within day one of our meeting, we came to grips with things – but that’s what I expected from a coach: to be jostled or putting a finger where it hurts whether it be a familiar wound or one I was not aware of. I enjoyed looking at parallels between private life-business life, or considering Anne’s suggested schemas and references.

To say it all, I genuinely felt at ease, confident and was able to give voice to my feelings without reservation. It allowed me to give sonority to words that came, checking whatever emerged from them.

Anne always kept a professional distance which avoided judgment and gave freedom.

Banking - Senior Director

Anne provided executive coaching expertise to me for over a year. I found during that time we were able to form a bond of trust which is absolutely necessary for complete transparency. She challenged my thinking with alternative views and models – this really helped me expand my point of view and start to more deeply understand the personalities I need to influence at work. I also valued the push for self-reflection together with the diplomatic and non-judgmental way Anne suggested alternative routes.

Anne’s expertise and experience was incredibly valuable to me and got me out of the cycle I was stuck in.

Anne is a sophisticated expert with a bank of experience and a really flexible approach.

Anne has the flexibility and clarity to operate at the most senior level with real insight into getting the best out of people. Anne perfectly balanced the need for challenge with superb listening skills, ensuring I expanded my understanding of people’s actions and started to see my own blind spots.

Counselor - Financial industry


A real journey towards oneself under the watchful eye of an inspiring coach.

Anne has provided The Brain Tumour Charity with exceptional leadership coaching and professional development support and training for a number of years. The expert guidance and personal coaching provided to our Senior Leadership Team is outstanding and has proven to be a fundamental element in The Charity flourishing (both in size and in terms of our knowledge, skills and development) and achieving where we are today. Growing from a £1m charity in 2012 with just a handful of staff, to over 100 staff and raising £11m last year, we just wouldn't have been able to develop so efficiently and successfully without the utterly brilliant work of Anne.


I have absolutely no doubt that our accomplishments are due in no small part to Anne and we are wholeheartedly thankful for her  invaluable and amazing hard work with us to realise them.

CEO - Charity sector

Through her punchy questioning Anne helped me clarify some intuitions as well as sheding light on my goals. From then on, building on our regular meetings and blending theory, management tools and adequate means of expression, Anne’s presence allowed me to look back on things and led me on the path to finding my own problem solving remedies. Above all, she guided me towards coming up with concrete action plans.

A truly inward trip, thoroughly monitored by an inspiring coach.

Director - Banking Industry

When I first met up with Anne Roques I’d just been through dire straits, both on a professional level (firm into receivership) and on a private one (divorce procedure). As a business coach Anne helped me reposition myself in regards to events, allowing me to regain drive and start afresh. Thanks to the work we did together I’ve moved on , creating my own business in a field I’m keen about. I’m thankful for her help. It proved to be decisive.

Reinvented Business Owner

Anne was my coach for a few months. Within this time she had me lift my nose from the grindstone and ask the right questions. Her past professional experience combined with an exceptional reassuring and positive outlook were assets few coaches can come up with – clearly making a difference.

IT industry - Lobbying leader

I’ve been lucky to work with Anne on my own personal development. Aside from her expertise on coaching matters dealing with leadership issues, I enjoyed her direct, upfront style, and appreciated her way of having me concentrate on the all-important, the core of the matter. Anne has a wealth of knowhow as to what leaders in international companies stand for - as well as dealing with related team dynamics. She’s quick off the mark, understanding what’s at stake, directing your focus while opening new inroads.

Her style, choice of words, the method she engages in, all helped me reconsider my long term involvement within the goals we had set.

CEO - Health Industry

Anne listens very attentively. She’s a caring person who knows how to bring down levels of anger. She’s to be thanked for her agility and the way she deals with the energy you bring to the field.

IT leader - Banking sector

Partner - Law Firm

She is soothing and amazing. She deconstructs in order to rebuild using one’s professional story. A soul searching experience. Overwhelming.


I appreciated - and benefited from - being shaken up. A time for personal questioning like… “I have to stop you there, she said. This is bullsh*t!!!  I felt I was being supported.

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