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About Me

Working with my clients and the global system in which they function, I am a leadership coach who specializes in guiding transformations, particularly in turbulent situations


Professional experience:

I am an experienced leadership coach, specialising in supporting transformation, particularly in chaotic situations. With a life enriched by 60 years of personal challenges and transformative experiences, combined with 40 years' experience in international business and 20 years as an executive coach, I have developed an ability to quickly identify the essence of what is preventing my clients from performing as well as they should.



I primarily work with blue-chip companies and their executives, helping them to overcome opaque challenges.


I focus on understanding not only the individual client, but also the wider context in which they operate. My own life experiences have given me a unique perspective on human vulnerabilities. This makes me particularly adept at navigating uncertainty and ambiguity.


What Sets me Apart:

Clients often comment on my ability to shed light on complex situations. My emotional intelligence, which translates into attentive listening and intuition, is the cornerstone of my approach. If I have a reputation for being direct, it's always with a mixture of empathy and compassion.

Global Perspective:

Fluent in French and English, and with a working knowledge of Spanish, I take a global perspective in my professional and personal life.


Personal Journey:

My journey has been enriched by encounters with inspiring individuals, transformative training sessions and reflective practices. A pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, which enabled me to deepen my knowledge and perspectives, was a defining experience for me.

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